Things That I Find Interesting: 25 Things Edition

Thursday, February 5, 2009

As if Facebook wasn't addicting enough, the recent craze of the "25 Random Things" survey has made it even more of a black hole. I can honestly say that I love reading these things. I don't usually participate in these sorts of surveys, even though I get great joy out of reading them, but I thought this time I would give it a try. The concept behind this survey was easy enough, and everyone else's answers were so varied, informative, and enjoyable, that I thought I would throw some of my random fun facts out there too! I am utterly surprised at how quickly this survey has taken over our lives. Suddenly I find myself getting tagged left and right, and it is almost a game to see who will fill out the survey next. Every time I sign onto Facebook I get excited to see what new silly facts I can learn about my friends. As I stared at a blank page, 25 things seemed daunting to me at first. I really wanted to think of random facts that most people wouldn't know about me, and this seemed almost impossible. However, once I got started I kept thinking of more and more, and by the end I was sort of sad the survey was over. So here you go... 10 more for you to enjoy!

1. I hate lipstick and almost never wear it. Instead I usually just opt for chapstick... or if I must, lipgloss. 

2. I still consider myself a dork, but I can honestly say that I was by far my dorkiest in middle school, when I sported not only a perm, but bangs, glasses, and braces to boot.

3. I get scared incredibly easily (and unfortunately quite frequently too). Oddly, I can also scare myself. 

4. I love being creative, and thinking up new projects to start. The only problem is that I take after my dad, and somehow always manage to never quite finish any of these said projects. 

5. My parents painted our house at some point while I was away at college. I still think that my house is a bluish grey, and will tell people this. In all actuality my house is really a beige color... and I stare at it every day since I currently still live at home.  

6. I love fires in fireplaces, and cool breezes through open bedroom windows on warm nights.

7. I eat frozen peas like they are candy... they taste amazing this way, and I've been a huge fan since I was a baby.

8. I think that spoons are the best utensil ever... especially baby spoons (which can instantly turn almost any food into a comfort food for me).

9. I hate bananas, I like to peel them though.

10. I have always wished that I liked jello and that I knew how to play the piano.