Stories That Make Me Laugh: Jean Edition

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This story is far too amusing to keep to myself... so even though it is highly embarrassing, I have been feeling the need to share it with anyone who will listen (or in this case read)! Yesterday I had the day off due to the fact that the kiddos are on vacation, and so I made a late afternoon trip to the grocery store. Since I was meeting up with my best friend for dinner that night I decided I would put on one of my nice pairs of jeans. All was good... or so I thought... and so off I headed to the grocery store. About half way through my shopping I started noticing this odd feeling on the back of my leg. It felt as though there was something wet on my pants that had soaked through to my leg. Very casually I brushed off the back of my thigh yet I could feel no wet spot. This cycle of me feeling like my leg was wet, followed by me attempting to "brush it off" with no luck, went on for about fifteen more minutes. Finally I gave up, payed for my groceries, and headed home. Once at home I parked outside and started to unload the groceries. All of a sudden my leg felt extremely cold, and it was then that I discovered what the "wet" spot was on my pants. Turns out there was a huge... and I mean HUGE (see the above picture)... hole on the seat of my jeans. Apparently I had been walking around the entire grocery store like this... with my underwear exposed to the world. 


Anonymous said...

I needed a laugh today, thank you!