Things That Make Me Annoyed: Rebranding Edition

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So I have been meaning to write this post for days now, but I kept distracting myself... with things like cocktails and computer games and stalking the Amazon website to track the status of my recently purchased new toy (a black Nintendo DS - which I am just a little too excited about, and unfortunately all of my checking and rechecking of the website is not speeding up it's arrival... go figure!). So I apologize that I have not posted in so long. Anyways... Happy New Year everyone! I know personally I am really really glad that 2008 is over (I'll just say it wasn't exactly my best year ever), although I am feeling a little more anxious then usual because I have hopes that 2009 will be a really really good year (and I am a tad nervous about implementing some new changes in order to make this happen). Which brings me to this post. 

So the other week I was out running some errands, and I stopped into the grocery store to pick up a few things, one of them being some Diet Pepsi for my mom. Well, I stood in the aisle of the store for a few minutes, staring blankly at the spot on the shelf where the Diet Pepsi usually is. I couldn't find it... or any other variety of Pepsi for that matter. And this is why.

They'd gone and changed up their logo/design/branding. For those of you out there that do not know this about me, I REALLY don't like change. I understand that change is often required, and that good things can actually come from change... but these facts don't really ease my worries about change. There are some changes that I am OK with (usually when they are suggestions made by me), for example getting my haircut, or moving the furniture around in my room. Then there are the changes that just don't sit well with me, like the above mentioned rebranding, or like when my parents painted our house while I was away at college, and I came home to a completely different colored home (in these instances it was not my idea to alter the said object, and chances are my opinions were not taken into consideration). So I picked up a case of the "new" Diet Pepsi and continued on down the aisles contemplating how ugly I though this new design was, and how I couldn't believe that they had gone and changed it on me (I don't even like Pepsi... but still... how could they do that to me?). Then I hit the OJ aisle and was faced with this.

Oh gosh. Now my favorite orange juice has gone and rebranded itself as well. Why? What was the world trying to tell me? Yet again another ugly new design, but the message was pretty clear... both of these companies were attempting to revamp their image, and produce a better looking and feeling product (I'm not sure they have succeeded, but they didn't ask me my thoughts... for if they had you would certainly NOT being seeing these new designs on your supermarket shelves!). However, I had to wonder. Is 2009 going to be the year of the rebranding? Is there something new and exciting out there for everything, and everyone? Well, I guess 2009 should also be the year for the rebranding of Victoria... and that is my New Year's resolution... to make some BIG changes, so that I can have a better and happier year than I did last year.


noosh said...

Happy New Year Vic! Hope its a great year for you!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, big new changes, do tell!!!

Also, my re-branding vent:
Red Sox
don't even get me started...

Vic said...

I am not exactly sure yet what my BIG new changes are that I will make. I know I need to make some (and so since I hate change this scares me)... and I have an idea of what I would ideally like them to be... but I am afraid I may not make them come true (I think I have only once stuck to a new year's resolution), so I am afraid to actually write them down (or blog about them). I do PROMISE though that when I do make them, I WILL write about them!

Anonymous said...

No matter what you do to change, remember you will still always be the same wonderful, caring young woman that you are. You can change the packaging...but what's inside is just as wonderful as always.