Things That I Find Interesting: FOUND Edition

Monday, December 1, 2008

My mom recently introduced me to the FOUND magazine website, and now I am addicted. The website in and of itself is a very simple concept, it is simply a collection of stuff (usually drawings, photographs, and notes) found by people in random places. The content of the found stuff ranges from sweet and charming to humorous and ridiculous. What truly makes this website amazing though is all of the comments that people leave behind, it is almost as if the objects take on a whole new life than that originally intended by their creators. The above picture is my absolute favorite from the site. As a wannabe graphic designer I am amazed at the pure emotion portrayed in this very simple illustration. You may not view the picture the same way I do (as there are several different ways it could be interpreted), but the truly unique thing is that no matter how you view it, this is a picture that causes a reaction... and it gives you something that you can identify with.


Anonymous said...

It is an awesome website. Some really funny things. I love the grocery lists and the random items people put on their lists. Love the illustration. Maybe if the other person had arms s/he could catch and hold the heart......hmmmmmm

Vic said...

If you need a good laugh... I strongly recommend this find!