Things That Make Me Happy: Orange Sweatshirt Edition

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not only do I love my orange sweatshirt, I apparently love to take pictures with Cobas while I'm wearing it!

I own an orange sweatshirt. I can honestly say that orange is not exactly the most flattering of colors for me (I am far more of a blue girl), however, the sweatshirt was calling out my name the minute I stepped into the store the day I bought it. It is by far my most favorite sweatshirt I have ever owned. I have had it for several years now, and it is still just as soft and lovely as the day I bought it. It keeps me super warm, is so cozy, and the fit is just right, plus the color always brightens up my day. This sweatshirt also somehow manages to go with anything, of any color, that I may chose to pair it with. So basically, it is hard for me to not have a smile on my face when I am wearing this sweatshirt due to all of its amazing characteristics! Since sweats are the main staple in my wardrobe (they are cozy, keep me comfy, and stand up to the mess that I always seem to get into when I am hanging with the kiddies), it is pretty safe to say that this sweatshirt is in heavy rotation. Thank goodness for American Eagle (and their sister store Aerie) and their sweatshirts/sweatpants... without them I would be lost.