Things That Make Me Happy: Brewery Tour Edition

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I like beer. I like my friends (but this one goes without saying). I like doing things that make me more "knowledgeable". I like that the most perfect combination of these three things is... a brewery tour! I've gone on a couple this year, and I must say it is one of the best ways to spend a day. What is better then spending some nice relaxing time with a friend, going on a random adventure, learning something new, and getting to drink beer at the end of it all. Also breweries offer up a fascinating array of people to satisfy your people watching desires. There is the cute adorable chubby little baby who can't stop smiling at you and your friend. There is the group of beer geeks who ask way too many questions (many of which go unanswered because they are out of the realm of the tour guide's "scripted" material). And then there is the group of underage kids, who make a big scene and don't understand why the tour guide won't serve them a beverage when they not only fail to present an ID, but also claim that beers like Natty Light are God's gift to human kind. So, if you are looking for some random fun... may I suggest to you a brewery tour!


A said...

Hell yeah! Tour of Long Trail this winter?

-- A